Thunder storm

  • Origen: Electrical discharged in the atmosphere; lightning and acoustic effect (the thunder)
    • Electrical storm
    • Lightning storm
    • Thundershower
  • Trigger: Cumulonimbus cloud, strong winds and heavy rain, or nothing at all
  • Behavior: Medium fast onset and difficult to get away
  • Place: All areas
  • Other: It is possible to predict potential risk, and estimate the onset
    • Moist air moves upwards, cools, condenses, form clouds, the air cools down, water forms rain, the local pressure is reduced in a cell, the drop falls and grows on the way down, pulls cold air to the earth and causes wind.
    • We often use the word thunderstorm-cell:
  • Precaution: Common in rain area.
    • Damage is mainly due to water, wind and lightning
  • Closedown of Society: Fast and short lasting