This is an ISIS terrorist


Europol does state that the not recognized “Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham” (ISIS) can attack any place in the World, any time. First we need understand the word TERROR. Terror mean to give fear to people. It exist two groups, first a group that simply have as its goal to frighten people and the secound group is warriors that is named terrorists by their opponent as a way to devaluate their war and honor. Terror is a war technique. A warrior is not nessesarily an evil terrorist when fighting for his contry and people using techniques of terror. In spice of this we often use the label “terrorist” on everybody using terror techniques. The goal for ISIS is to create fear through acts of terror and cruelty. As a result we call ISIS a terrorist organization. USA has declared a war going against terror.


Let us go back to ISIS as an example of a terror organiation; still some would call them a country or religious extremist group. The goal for ISIS is to scear the outside World through acts of terror. Europol recently stated that the capasity for ISIS to preform attacks are by far greater now than before. The obvious change in strategy from a local focus to a global is of great interest. Today we find ISIS with multiple smaller locally run terror cells; meaning groups of about 5-10 persons that have as goal to create fear among the common population through masskillings when asked to do so from ISIS. There are estimated hundreds of sleeping cells waiting to be activated around the world. Before we thought that they selected the place of terror on random, but today we know that this is a part of their strategy; no place is safe for us. Nobody should feel safe any place. The sensation of insecurity is exactly what they want to create; a state of relative permanent fear in us. The change from a local – to a global strategy scears us. Since our planet is their playground, we get terrified and start to live different. ISIS soldiers or terrorists are trained to act external, under external commanders, and the sole purpose is international terror attacks; often mass murder. Very frequent we find these soldiers locally drafted. This mean that the terrorist frequently is a local person. He can be you neighbur for the last 10 years or the dull person at the grocery store. This is not soldiers crossing the borders in the middle of the night, this is normal persons that you perhaps know from before.


ISIS is geographically located more or less in Iran, Syria or I  the region of the old Mesopotania. An average ISIS soldier is not from the Mesopotania region, meaning that he are more likely to come from USA, England or France. Let us look closer into the characteristics of this person. It is found that 20% have a diagnosed mental diseases BEFORE joining ISIS, and 80% also have a criminal past. A strong consentration of criminals are often seen as an indicator of psychopathy and lack of empathy. This mean that we are not speaking about a normal average person. They belong to a marginal group of the population before they enter ISIS. From the beginning they have a tendency to steal, rob, loote, rape, lack empathy, sociopathic and often with mental problems. The most common mental problems is depression, anziety, schizophrenia, borderliner and fear. This group of people is dysfunctional in our society! To over generalize to make a point we might say that this group of people has a problem with getting a proper stable job and thereby to get a decent income; making them more likley to be in a low socioeconomic class. ISIS clame to be intimately related to the true islamic faith and to being profound muslims. This is very interesting since we just seldom see normally educated muslims to join ISIS. Investigations have shown that only less than half of the ISIS solddiers know the Koran; meaning we will not find an average muslim in ISIS. An average ISIS soldier is a half studied muslim with personal mental difficulties, on the edge with the law, from lower classes and without a job. Perhaps in search for new friends and opportunities.

ISIS recruits soldiers using group pressure and an inborn search of social acceptance in the approached; abusing religious insecurity and profetic speech. Remember, this is members of marginal group of the population that have problems getting a life. Here they get a chance for a job as soldier with a decent income, nobody ask about their criminal records or their mental state, friendship and on top of everything they save the world; did somebody mention the benefit of unlimited sex with female sex slaves for male martyrs. Religion is not the main topic in this phase; the religious importance is more connected to group identity and not a profound religious faith. ISIS does not search for religious thinkers, they search for religious assosicted persons. It is easier to get young people to belive in something than older perople; making ISIS try to persuate young men to join them and not older men. The easiest to recruit are vunerable young people (low social class, criminal background and with mental problem) that searches for something to associate themselves with. Ironically most persons related to ISIS do not really understand the islamic religion and what it really mean to be a true muslim; half have never read in the Koran. These persons are easy victims for the simplified pseudo religion. Do not confuse real islamic religion with pseudo religious practizes! In 2015 we find a huge amount of refugees in Europa. This made ISIS start to recruit strongly in the refugee camps. Many of these newly recruited did continue to Europe as refugees. What will happen with this recruted under refugee flag is still unknown.

When people are lead to join we find them to go through a quick radicalization and is moved to ISIS terrirories for further processing as soon as possible. One of the main tools are isolation from “the others” during the radicalization process (before the departure). It is many possible signs and perhaps it is wrong to intent to list them, but let us try to create an overgeneralized image of the prosess. First we have a person that is a type of outcast in the society as criminal with mental problems. This person have problems with finding his stable place in the society. He searches for something, feels alone and have a limited social network. He is often unemployed and belong to a low socieconomic level. This person is not popular due to his background and of that reason he have few friends. When the recruiters find this person they integrates him in a friendly religious setting. They start to teach him something and slowly he start to belive that the problem is related to the lack of faith. As he start get intimate to his new group we find him gradually enjoy strongly to belong to something. He feel selected and important, and now he start to get a mission in life. He become a follower and start to gradually become more fanatic; fanatism is dangerous. As this prosess moves on we find him to manifest strong signs of radicalization. The first sign is a changed behavior. Most visible are a more obedient way of living; more helpful at home. Normally the radlicalization manifest as more lovely to the parents and often overdoing/ showing their love. Then gradually we find an introduction of islamic eating rules (Haram and Halal), not shaving and new dressing habits. In the mids of everything we also find a change in the performance at work and at school. It is common to observe a dramatic negative change in grades, withdrawal from “the others” and a reduced interest in work that does not correspond with islamic values. Perhaps we might trace this to a growing obsession for Islamic texts and – laws and a zero interest in the profane useless school topics. Now, remember that most of this people have never read the Koran and have basically all the religious information from the recruiters brain wash program.  Recruiters hand pick their people and brainwash them to become good members for the organiation, and thats all. Beside the increasing interest in Islam, the person get a reduced interest for work and to create a future! The important is religion and not the future. Here we might observe a very important aspect – the person totally lack an interest for discussing religion; everything is accepted without questioning. If the recruiter say jump, he jumps. In the end of this radicalization prosess, the person start to get in contact with darker aspects or elements. The recriuter start to test the person to find out if he is ready. Normally this is done through some kind of secret projects; making them hide their e-mail, facebook, telephone and other means of communication for the outside world. To test their fidelity to the new Islamic radicalized group is regarded as the end of the radicalization process. If they pass the test, they are in as new ISIS soldiers. Then they will go to a ISIS controlled area to undergo some millitary training. ISIS soldiers arent known to be good soldiers (the training is of a poor quality), but they are known to be cruel, to kill others in terrible ways and totally lack human empathy. All recruited persons are different, but it exist some traces of similarities in the dynamic.

Some think that the hidden agenda for ISIS is to create a rage ageinst the muslim population in the world. A rage that makes them forced to defend themselves against us, and the only place they might turn for help is to ISIS. Then the third world war will start as a religious war. Well, somebody think like this.

ISIS of today is a new and not the same that existed some years ago. Of coures we do not know why or if this is a result of long term planning, but it is different today. The  change in operation makes us follow the new way of thinking regarding ISIS. Historically ISIS is an organization that got huge amounts of money, and with money they got power. As a rich organization they can buy whatever they need to expand their projects. They got money to buy all types of guns, explosives, modern communication devices, the best training, pay travels to all parts of the planet, rent all the cars needed and get safe houses. The main sorce of income were robbed money, and then they started to sell oil from occupied petroil plants. After the intensified bombing we find their fortune shrink dramatically. The salery to the ISIS soldiers is half of what it were before. Now it seems that their main income shifts back to kidnapping and ransome money again.