World Federation of Emergency Tactics is a federation organizing the field of emergency tactics or what to do if something of an emergency happens. The federation was founded in 1997, but the activities have been limited to the public. In 2016 WFET reorganized, and the acticities increased in 2017.


Most important for WFET is the implementation of TCCC in a civil setting, an adjusted TCCC. WFET are working very close with the Mexican “Instituto ineo

National de Operaciones de Emergencia” (INOE) to develope an emergency tactical system for civilians. INOE have the last years arranged a lot of seminars and gone operational at several occations. In February 2017 the late Director of INOE Nils Erik Volden moved to Norway. He is currently establishing «Emergency tactics: Norway» (Nødtaktikk: Norge). Nils Erik Volden is the late President for WFET. The current President are Konstantino Dimitropoulos from Australia.