Emergency handling


Emergency Vision is the ability to interpret aspects that might create an emergency in the future. This is a type of foresight where everything that might interfere with our way of living is considered a potential emergency hazard. Identification of elements of emergency prevention falls into this category.

Emergency Strategy is a high level and often general plan to achieve the emergency vision. Here we have selected emergency goals and a selection of actions to achieve these goals. When making an emergency strategy we need to calculate our goals up against our resources. From calculation we see an emergency strategy emerge. Remember that an emergency strategy is more than planning; it is decisions in regard of potential dangers and successes.

Emergency Tactics is the actual action to reach the goal within the framework as presented in the Emergency strategy. This Emergency action might be divided into different minor tasks. You need to understand that tactics and strategy is not the same. Tactics is the way you solve an emergency and strategy is more the general outline that give direction when solving an emergency. When we have a strategy (theoretical level) we move to a tactical level; doing it. A tactical level is more the execution of the strategy.

In short,Vision is a goal. It is not a strategy; An emergency strategy tells you how an emergency is going to be handled its Vision. The strategy is a plan, the tactics are how the plan will be executed and the Vision is the end-result.