Cyclonic storm

  • Origen: Starts over oceans.
    • Different names:
      • Cyclone: South pacific and Indian ocean
      • Tropical cyclone:
      • Hurricane: Atlantic Ocean and northeast pacific
      • Typhon: Northwest pacific
    • Trigger: Coldness, moisture and upward movement (low pressure center); accumulation of water.
    • Behavior: Slow onset and theoretically possible to get away
    • Place: Over oceans with direction for land
    • Other: It is possible to predict potential risk, and estimate the onset
      • Rapidly rotating storm system with low-pressure center: strong wind, thunderstorms, heavy rain, flooding and waves.
      • Get the energy from evaporation from ocean, creates clouds, rain and wind
      • When hitting land, they lose their energy source
    • Precaution: Common in coastal area. Prepare for a closedown of the society,
    • Closedown of Society: normally 1 to 2 days.