Limnic eruption

Limnic eruption 

  • Origen: Gas erupts from lake water; normally Co2 and possible methane.
  • Trigger: Earthquakes, volcanic activity, wind, temperature,  rainstorms and nearby explosions
  • Danger: Might cause deadly Tsunami (Water; can be 5 meters high) and suffocation (a cloud of toxic gas; can kill 25 km from eruption site)
  • Behaviour: Sudden onset and difficult to get away
  • Place: Lake; normally deep and cold with organic matter; often holomitic (mix of layers)
  • Other: It is possible to predict potential risk, but not the onset
    • Smell rotten eggs/ gun powder and gives a feeling of warmness before fainting; light hallucination
  • Precaution: Be careful when in risk areas.
  • Closedown of Society: Fast and lasting a few days



WFET on Limnic eruption

We need to be more conscious about where we are. If we are in a risk area, then we should be conscious about where we stay. Limnic eruptions are rare, but happen from time to time. Ask local people about earthquakes in the area where you are. They will give information about risk areas and safer areas. You will have no solid information before the gas erupt from the earth. That is why you have to plan; plan BEFORE the emergency.

This is called to make your emergency plan. That is IF the worst case scenario happens, a Limnic eruption. What do you do? First you need to set your parameters; where is it more dangerous to be if it happen an eruption?  Divide into different zones red, yellow and green. When you move into a yellow zone you need to have a way out if something happen or a safe place to hide. When moving into red zone you need to me on 100% alert, have a pre-defined way out and pre-defined clues for you to pull out. If it is possible define safe zones to use IF you cannot get out. Perhaps most important than everything, STAY CALM!